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Plusbac Feed - Chickens, Rabbits and Rodents


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Plusbac Feed is a highly effective microbial, liquid, feed supplement made from the fermentation of specific organic herbs, molasses, water, lactic acid bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria.
Plusbac Feed can improve digestion by increasing beneficial microorganisms in the saliva and gut, which in turn improves wellbeing, general health and condition. Plusbac Feed is added directly to the feed. The microorganisms are generally inactive at rest and so can be stored in the right conditions for a significant period of time.
  • Improves digestion (more beneficial microorganisms in the saliva and gut).
  • Helps enhance appetite and weight by maintaining balanced nutrient production and absorption within the gut.
  • Optimises wellbeing, general condition and temperament, as a positive colonic flora produces vitamins and enzymes.
  • A totally natural way to help maintain an optimum immune system.
AREAS OF TREATMENT Diarrhea and other stomach related illness Weight loss Coat and Condition Hoof condition Worms Fungal skin treatment Minor cuts.
Plusbac Feed can be added to either feed, water or orally on a daily basis. When adding to feed the liquid must be properly mixed. Rabbits & Rodents - 1/4 teaspoon / 1-2ml added to normal feed ration Chickens / Birds - for a small number of birds, add a capful to their normal daily feed Plusbac Feed can be administered in a number of ways: additive to floury feeds, added to grain feeds, or to drinking water.
  • Floury feed additive: 10L/tonne
  • Pressed feed additive: after pellets have cooled (>40c) mix 10L/tonne for 2 weeks. After introductory period, reduce to 5L/tonne
  • Grains: Soak feed stuff (maize, wheat etc) in Plusbac Feed diluted to 1:50 and soak for 12-24 hours
  • Drinking water additive: First week mix 30L Plusbac Feed / 10,000 birds into water supply. Thereafter reduce to 25L/10,000 birds
  • For chicks: Plusbac Feed should be sprayed on their feed during preparation and mixed thoroughly
For animals which are ill or severely stressed, the dosage may be doubled.  If the animal is on a course of antibiotics, you should wait for an interval of at least 2 hours before feeding Plusbac Feed.  The recommendations are not intended to replace the advice of your vet. Our products make no medicinal claims, they are designed to support the body towards natural health.
Water 97.0 %, raw protein 0.3 %, raw oils and fats 0.1 %, raw ash 1.3 %, raw fibre 0.6 %, Sodium 0,0 %, Lysine 0.0 %, Methionin 0.0 %
Herbal Ingredients include elements of the following: Caraway – used as a remedy for colic, loss of appetite and digestive disorders. Yarrow – used for stemming the flow of blood in wounds Aniseed and fennel -Contain anethole, a phytoestrogen, sometimes called “dietary estrogens”, a diverse group of naturally occurring non-steroidal plant compounds that, because of their structural similarity with estradiol, have the ability to cause estrogenic effects. Birch Leaves – many medicinal uses including diuretic. Goldenrod – Known for aiding kidney and bladder problems. Rosemary – contains anti-oxidents. Peppermint – relieving intestine digestion and colic condition. Marshmallow root – helpful in almost all problems related to inflammation of the digestive tract; including peptic ulcers, hiatus hernias, mouth ulcers, enteritis and colitis. It is also an anti-inflammatory. Raspberry leaves – soothes diarrhea or intestinal inflammation.
Optimum temperature for storage between +6oC and +20oC. Keep out of sunlight. Do not freeze or refrigerateShelf life: best used within 9 Months SAFETY NOTES Plusbac Equine is not for human consumption.
  • Avoid contact in undiluted form with eyes or mucous membranes.
  • Store out of reach of children and domestic animals
CFU count: 2910000 CFU per mlEU Organic