Horse Alpin Senior


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If you own an old horse, you´ll be familiar with the problems: it loses weight, has difficulty chewing hay and moistening it sufficiently with saliva. Trying to counteract the problems with easy-to-chew concentrated feed causes other issues, such as digestive and metabolic problems.

With HORSE ALPIN SENIOR, Agrobs has created a product that addresses these problems. HORSE ALPIN SENIOR is a single feed that supplies old horses and horses that have difficulty chewing with everything they need.

HORSE ALPIN SENIOR is based on Pre Alpin Senior, which consists of dry green fibers and added cold-pressed linseed oil. It is indispensable for ensuring a sufficient supply of raw fiber. Additional energy is added in the form of thermically unlocked barley and corn as well as linseed. Linseed is characterized by its benefits for skin, hooves, and hair. The high-grade vitamin and mineral feed with organically bonded trace elements complements HORSE ALPIN SENIOR to create a single feed.

In other words, HORSE ALPIN SENIOR provides basic and concentrated feed in a single product. The valuable, natural ingredients stimulate digestion and supply the horse with all the nutrients it needs at an old age.
  • unique combination of herbs and grasses
  • enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • high in raw fiber
  • free of mildew and dust
  • single feed-covers raw fiber and concentrated feed needs
  • PRE ALPIN SENIOR fibers with concentrated and mineral feed
  • uncompressed

 Range of Use

  • as single feed for old horses
  • as supplement to basic feed
  • as basic feed replacement
  • covers all requirements

Feeding Recommandations (as sole feed)

  • 1.2 to 2 kg per 100 kg ideal body weight per day, moisten with water if required
Dry green fibers, corn, barley, linseed, oil mixture cold-pressed (linseed oil, camelina oil), AGROBS Naturmineral

Protein 9,2 % Calcium 0,59 %
Dig. protein 7,4 % Phosphorus 0,26 %
Precaec. dig. protein 5,2 % Magnesium 0,21 %
Ash 7,8 % Starch 14,4 %
Oils and fat        3,3 % Sugar 7,4 %
Fiber 19,8 % Fructan 6,8 %
Sodium 0,10 % Digestible energy (GfE 2003) 9,7 MJ/kg
Potassium 1,29 % Metabolizable energy (GfE 2014) 8,5 MJ/kg

Additives je kg:
Vitamin A 500 I.E. Cholinchlorid 2,80 mg
Vitamin D3 50 I.E. Folsäure 1,40 mg
Vitamin E 45,00 mg Biotin 100,00 mcg
Vitamin B 1 4,50 mg Iron (Fe (II)sulfat Monohydrat E1) 2,00 mg
Vitamin B 2 5,00 mg Copper Cu (II)sulfat Pentahydrat E4 Aminosäure- Cu-Chelat, Hydrat 4,50 mg
Vitamin B 6 2,50 mg Manganese Mn (II)sulfat, Monohydrat E5 Aminosäure- Mn- Chelat, Hydrat 7,00 mg
Vitamin B 12 13,00 mg Zinc Zn-sulfat Monohydrat E6 Aminosäure - Zn- Chelat, Hydrat 40,00 mg
Ca Pantothenat                      6,00 mg Selenium organisch ( inaktivierte Selenhefe) 0,10 mg
Nikotinsäure 12,00 mg Cobalt bas. Co(II)carbonat Monohydrat E 3 0,35 mg

Status: 11/2016