HaferWiese - Strukturmüsli


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Textured muesli with black and yellow oats!

HaferWiese Strukturmüsli is a unique mixture of valuable components such as black and yellow oats. Lucerne provides a high-quality source of essential amino acids. A variety of root vegetables, cores, leaves, flowers and gingerbread round the mixture.

AGROBS Oat Wiesen - Strukturmüsli offers the unique combination of black and yellow oats mixed with high-quality dry grasses and alfalfa. The high structural content animates the chewing activity and thus also promotes the digestibility of the oats. This high-quality combination is supplemented by a variety of root vegetables, cores, leaves and flowers. Lecooks and high-quality oils round off this mixture in particular due to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

But the black and yellow oats also contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids and mucilages. Crude fiber-rich components such as warm-air-dried grasses, herbs and alfalfa supplement natural vitamins.

  • High-quality oats 
  • Unique combination of highly digestible starch, raw fiber and high-quality protein
  • Horse-like structure
  • Free of additives
  • Molasses free
  • Rich in vital substances
  • Low sugar content


  • Protein and energy supplier
  • As a sole power feed
  • As a supplement to other power feeds
  • As an assembly nut
  • At increased power
  • Provides essential amino acids to support muscle building
  • As a single feed approx. 100-500g per 100kg target body weight
  • Or to supplement other feed

If necessary, Haferwiese - Strukturmüsli can be administered with water moistened.


Oat (B oats, yellow oats), Wiesengräser- and herbs, alfalfa, flax cakes, sunflower, carrot cubes, oil blend (linseed oil and camelina oil), rose hip (cut), parsnip, beetroot, sunflower petals, cornflower petals


Crude protein 12.1% Methionine 0.22%
By weight of crude protein 9.90% Cystine 0.22%
Praec. By weight of crude protein 8.70% Threonine 0.42%
Crude oils and fats 6.20% zinc 38 mg / kg
Crude fiber 23.2% manganese 88 mg / kg
Raw ash 6.2% copper 19.2 mg / kg
Calcium  0.45% selenium <0.3 mg / kg
phosphorus 0.35% Strength 12.1%
magnesium  0.18% sugar 6.4%
chloride 0.20% Fruktan  2.6%
sodium 0.03% Lysine 0.52%
potassium 1.54% Energy (GfE 2003) 10.05 MJ / kg
sulfur 0.16% Convertible energy (GfE 2014) 8.6 MJ / kg