Wiesencobs (Fibre Feed)


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We suggest feeding them soaked (only 10 minutes in cold water). Excellent for boosting hydration and fibre, and for equines with allergies or dental issues. 1kg = 1kg forage

The foundation of a healthy digestive physiology is a sufficient and high-quality supply of basic roughage feed. Unfortunately, there is a tendency nowadays to provide much less or low-quality basic feed - even though a healthy, physiologically beneficial supply remains indispensable. If a horse is not given enough high-quality hay or silage, it is at greater risk of developing various ailments.
To maintain healthy intestinal flora, the microoranisms need a minimum content of raw fiber, which can only be provided through roughage feed.

PRE ALPIN WIESENCOBS are an ideal basic feed in extra large cob format. They are made up of a unique mixture of over 60 different grasses and herbs of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps.
The fields are under constant supervision and are harvested at the right time of maturation. This ensures low protein and a high raw fiber content for optimum horse nutrition.

PRE ALPIN WIESENCOBS can alternatively also be used as single concentrated feed or as a supplement to the grain ration. In spite of the low starch content, the high energy density provides more stamina and power, also for sports.

PRE ALPIN WIESENCOBS guarantee consistent, high-quality feed the year over and improve your horse´s digestion and vitality noticeably.
By giving your horse PRE ALPIN WIESENCOBS, you provide it with the benefits of the natural plant diversity of the foothills of the Alps. 

  • with over 60 different field grasses and herbs
  • high in raw fiber
  • high in natural vitamins and trace elements
  • free of dust and mold fungi
  • free of molasses
  • free of substances used to aid compression
  • no added essential oils
  • extra large cobs 18 mm diameter
  • as basic feed (100 % hay substitute)
  • to uprgrade hay, silage, pasture
  • as replacement for concentrated feed
  • to provide basic feed when there are teeth missing
  • when there is a lack of usable raw fiber and a resulting poor feeding condition of the animal
  • in the case of respiratory tract problems caused by dust and mildew in the basic feed
  • for old horses that are losing weight
  • to promote fluid intake
  • when giving medication


  • as replacement for basic feed: 1.2 to 1.5 kg per 100 kg ideal body weight, per day
  • when upgrading basic feed: adapt amount to supply basic feed 1 kg PRE ALPIN WIESENCOBS replaces 1 kg of hay. Start feeding slowly or soak 1 kg with 1.5 - 3 liters of water
  • as replacement for concentrated feed: 1.2 kg PRE ALPIN WIESENCOBS replaces about 1 kg of grain

Grasses and Herbs


Protein 8,3 % Potassium 1,78 %
Dig. protein 6,6 % Sulphur 0,17 %
Praec. dig. protein 4,0 % Zinc 29,90 mg/kg
Oils and fat 1,9 % Manganese 144,00 mg/kg
Fiber 26,0 % Copper 6,06 mg/kg
Ash 8,7 % Selenium <0,1 mg/kg
Calcium 0,71 % Starch <1,0 %
Phosphorus 0,26 % Sugar 8,4 %
Magnesium 0,24 % Fructan 6,3 %
Chloride 0,27 % digestible energy (GfE 2003) 8,0 DE MJ / kg
Sodium 0,03 % metabolizable energy (GfE 2014) 6,8 ME MJ / kg

Status 11-2016

Note - Wiesencobs being 20kg, is more expensive to post than 15kg bags such as Grunhafer, Leichtgenuss, Musli, Mash, Luzerne +, Horse Alpin Senior, Alpengrun Senior and supplements.