Fetura - Mare & Youngstock


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A perfect forage-feed for mares and youngstock, or those with higher protein and lysine requirements.

Providing adequate feed is essential for breeding success. The amount and composition of feed need to be adjusted in accordance with the stage of pregnancy because pregnancy and lactation lead to changes in nutrient flows (e.g. increased glucose requirement for milk production). The mare´s physical condition should be closely monitored and taken into account. Overfed mares are less fertile, as is shown in the forward displacement for the cycle, fewer cycles or increased frequency of twin pregnancies. Conversely, lean mares may miss estrus or have lower pregnancy success rates.

Spring and early summer are favorable, natural conditions for successful mating. The fresh pastures are juicy, high in proteins and vitamins and therefore provide as basis for healthy nutrition for the mare and the development of the foal.

Nowadays, mating and foaling early in the year are preferred for economic reasons. However, this may also cause problems. Fresh pasture is not available, and conventional basic feed (hay/silage) may have qualitiy deficits. The vitamin and ß-carotene content is reduced as a result of long storage. A further important point in feeding for breeding mares is the protein amount in quality. On good fields with balanced vegetation, there is a sufficient supply of all essential amino acids (protein building blocks).

AGROBS FETURA consists of proteinrich field herbs and grasses from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. The controlled integrated cultivation of the fields ensures that the mare receives an optimum supply of essential amino acids, natural ß-carotene and vitamin E throught the year.

  • with over 60 different field grasses and herbs
  • high in ß-carotene and vitamins
  • high in protein
  • high in content of natural trace elements
  • extra large cobs 18 mm diameter

 Range of Use

  • to enhance hay and silage during winter months
  • for breeding and sport horses
  • in case of high protein requirements
  • for growing horses
  • 0.3 kg per 100 kg ideal body weight per day, added to basic feed. Start feeding slowly or soak 1 kg in 1.5 - 3 liters of water.


Protein 10,9% Methionine 0,18 %
Dig. protein 8,8 % Cystine 0,11 %
Precaec. dig. protein 3,7 % Threonine 0,47 %
Oils and fat 3,2 % Starch  1,6 %
Fiber 24,3 % Sugar  8,6 %
Ash 9,9 % Fructan 6,9 %
Calcium 0,83 % Vitamine E  95,30 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0,33 % ß-Carotene  96,30 mg/kg
Magnesium 0,27 % Zinc 30,30 mg / kg
Chloride 0,30 %  Manganese 162,00 mg / kg
Sodium  0,05 % Copper 7,67 mg / kg
Potassium 1,79 % Selenium <0,1 mg / kg
Sulphur  0,22 % digestible energy (GfE 2003) 8,3 MJ / kg
Lysine 0,50 % metabolizable energy (GfE 2014) 6,9 MJ / kg

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Note - Fetura being 20kg, is more expensive to post than 15kg bags such as Grunhafer, Leichtgenuss, Musli, Mash, Luzerne +