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Trickle Net - Large (Round Bale)

Trickle Net

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Trickle Net - Large for Round Bales (price includes delivery)

• Unique (registered) design. The strongest most
effective net of it's type on the market.
• Designed to fit round bales up to 5ft / 152cm in
diameter. (International buyers please check bale
• Made with rot proof 2.5mm super dense braided
polyethylene. Abrasion resistant.
• Ideal 35mm hole size. Designed to control rather
than restrict. Ideal for feeding multiple horses.
• Virtually eliminates wasted forage.
• Proven highly effective at increasing feeding time
on the bale.
• Fixed knots to prevent stretching and damage.
• Handmade with premium quality materials.

The Large Round Bale Net is handmade to our unique design with premium materials. The super densely braided 2.5mm twine offers a hole size of 35mm which is ideal for controlling forage intake rather than restricting. These nets will considerably increase the length of time your bale lasts, providing forage access for much longer. They will also reduce wasted hay or haylage by up to 100%. No more standing around in slimy old muddy hay.
These nets will fit round bales up to 5ft / 152cm in diameter.

Our Large Bale Nets have a tough rope ring stitched into the closed end which helps you locate the net on the bale, and also provides added strength to the whole structure. Our netting material has firmly fixed knots which prevents the holes from stretching, thus preventing strain and breakage.

The nets are intended for use with UN SHOD horses ponies and donkeys. If your horses are shod, they must be used with a feeding ring to prevent shoes catching on the netting.

The Large Bale Net has a draw string for closure at the open end. It is important that this string is pulled, knotted and tidied away UNDER the bale to prevent any loose string. We recommend you empty the last remains of the bale before the string is revealed.

Trickle Net ® products are high quality robust and practical feeding nets. We believe they are the best available solution to encourage the trickle feeding rhythm and reduce the forage intake of your horse. Superior quality and highly effective in providing plenty more nibble time while reducing waste to nothing!

Trickle nets are designed to encourage feeding at the natural grazing rhythm.

Prevent and manage Laminitis, Colic, Gastric Ulcers, Weight control and stress related behaviours

Trickle Nets are the strongest feeding nets available. We can prove it.