Fibre-Ride Eco (Arena Surface Stabiliser)

Cheval Naturel France & UK

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Price is per 40x20m arena topper, please contact us for other sizes


- improved stability of surface (fibres bond together and stabilise the sand)

- enhanced comfort and support for both horse and rider

- ensures the horse rides on top of the surface, not in it

- reduced risk of injury and concussion caused by deep, or hard surfaces

- retention of moisture, reducing watering requirements and reducing dust levels

- minimal maintenance

- easy to lay

We've carefully sourced an exceptional recycled carpet product.

The fibre is ideal when blended with your existing sand, fibre or rubber and we recommend 5kg/m2 for light use and 8kg/m2 for heavier use. A minimum sand depth of 7cm is recommended. Customers have used this fibre as a full surface with great results.

Full self-installation instructions can be provided

* the arena base construction and drainage must be correct and reliable in order for the surface to function as described